May Chapter Meeting

Date: Wednesday May 18th2022
Time: 11:00am 
Speaker: Sue Sperring – Symrise 
Topic: Sensitive Skin – A Comprehensive Approach to Soothing Inflammation of the Skin


Bio: Susan Sperring is a Technical Director at Symrise. Prior to Symrise, she also worked at Momentive Performance Materials, where she was the North American Marketing Manager for Personal Care and Home Care and Avon Products where she was a chemist for Global Skin Care. Sue has a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from State University of New York- College at Oneonta and a master’s degree in Cosmetic Science from Fairleigh Dickinson University.

When questioned, 56% of people globally believe they have sensitive skin, with 73% of respondents claiming their skin is more sensitive now than just a few years ago. In addition, 87% of consumers believe that the solution against skin problems are from natural sources.  What exactly is “sensitive skin”? Most consumers would use the terms, dry, red, rashy, stinging and itchy as descriptors, however many don’t understand the role that each of these conditions play in the overall role of sensitive skin. 
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